Lodging Lead Overview

Events can require thousands of hotel reservations. Gathering and managing them can be time consuming and error-prone. It requires keeping track of many reservations across multiple hotels and dates. Then there are the inevitable changes to room availability, room prices, dates, etc. Ah, and let's not forget the guests! They need a clear and simple way to make their reservation without having to visit multiple hotel websites or make several phone calls.  These are some of the problems LodgingLead solves.

Lodging Lead provides an easy way for event guests to book reservations and administrators to manage them. Within a few minutes guests can quickly choose a room, choose a hotel, purchase one or more reservation(s), print a map, receive an email confirmation and a print a receipt.

Administrators can quickly search or filter for specific reservations by any relevant criteria such as name, payment info., hotel, confirmation #, date changed and much more. Inevitable post-reservation changes can be handled quickly.