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Lodging Lead has a tight, effective feature list, to minimize training required and get your event up and running right away.

  • Unlimited number of hotels
  • Unlimited number of rooms
  • Reporting of room status and inventory
  • Detailed reporting by hotel, name, event or any number of other criteria
  • Online validation of credit card information using secure protocols
  • Handles multiple room reservations in a single transaction
  • Emailed confirmations to attendees, including reservation summary
  • Option of requiring one or more passwords to reserve rooms (our "Event Codes" feature).

Further, our staff will pre-populate the event information, including dates and hotel room information. It is hosted on our server, allowing faster setup times. Once we have your information, your online hotel reservation system will be ready within 2 weeks, no extra work on your part!

Lodging Lead is purchased on a per event license, which encompasses a setup fee and a per room fee. We've designed Lodging Lead to be cost effective, regardless of the size of your event.

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